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About Sanjay

Excellence catalyst

Sanjay Kanakia is a certified Executive and Business Coach from ActionCOACH, USA and the founder of Keystone Excellence Services, Pune. Sanjay aims to provide business coaching and mentoring services to enterprising individuals and growth-oriented businesses across industries and domains.

Sanjay Kanakia – Transformation Expert!

Sanjay is a certified facilitator with over 15 yrs of experience helping individuals excel in personal leadership, team management and effective communication. Through his innovative training modules; Sanjay focuses on developing an individual’s leadership abilities and their people skills, which draw out their true potential and of those whom they lead.

Additionally, as a 2nd generation family business owner himself, Sanjay has over 2 decades of valuable experience and understanding of the challenges and tribulations faced by businesses. Like all business owners, Sanjay has witnessed every pain, frustration, joy and exhilaration that comes out of building your own business.

With this rich experience of being a business owner, a leadership facilitator as well as certified Business Coach; Sanjay is uniquely positioned to guide enterprising business owners achieve their personal and business goals and live a lifestyle they deserve.

As your Business Coach and advisor, Sanjay helps you deliver the results you desire using Internationally proven tools, methodologies and systems from ActionCOACH which have been tested and perfected over tens of thousands of businesses worldwide for over more than two decades. Just like a sports coach, Sanjay will get you focused on the game and build a concrete game plan; push you to perform at your best while he holds you accountable for your results. At the end, ensuring you realise your full potential and outperform your competition.

“Sanjay gave me structure and held me accountable every step of the way!”

Why Work With Me?

Even the experts of business at times feel lost at some point in their life. The ones who have just started up feel even more so. At these times, you need someone to walk with you and help you from experience. Someone, who has seen and experienced these pains and challenges first hand.  With me you will find a dependable partner in your journey towards a commercial, profitable enterprise that works without you!

Sanjay has spoken at

  • Entrepreneurs Organization (EO)
  • Rotary International
  • JITO – JBN Pune
  • Early Childhood Association
  • M-Circle – Solapur
  • TIE – Hubli & Mysore
  • Round Table India.. and many more



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